‹ber die Stabilitšt von Oszillatoren und Frequenznormalen

DOWNLOAD this Article that I wrote for the German AMSAT JOURNAL as PDF

DF6JBís Plotter 2010-03-08

Plotter is a utility to graphically display and edit numerical data. Above of that it compute self- and cross correlations of data series and statistical measures like the Allan Deviation and more. Now includes an All-Tau option for stability statistics

ATMELISP 2011-03-10

ATMELISP is a utility for in service programming of a number of ATMEL microcontrollers using a serial port.

EZGPIB 2012-12-17

EZGPIB is a tool for easy GPIB, TCP or serial based data acquisition in conjunction with a Prologix GPIB to USB interface. Now works for DLL based plugin cards & USB controllers too. Even newer: Works with the latest Prologix LAN GPIB interface. Here you find a EZGPIB ProfiLab Demo

Z38XX 2013-04-23

Z38XX is a tool to talk to a Z3801/5/15/16, the JACKSON LABS devices and the GCRU-D If you own one of these, give it a try.

AVR PPSDIV 2008-09-06

Tom Van Baak has done it for the PIC world of microcontrollers: A single chip frequency divider called PPSDIV that will generate a low jitter set of output frequencies at 100 kHz, 10 kHz, 1 kHz, 100 Hz, 10 Hz, 1 Hz, 0.1 Hz and 0.01 Hz from a single 10 MHz reference input. Now I have translated Tomís original code into the AVR world of microcontrollers and you can download a complete AVR Studio project AVR-PPSDIV that will enable an AVR Mega microcontroller to perform the same. Due to the shorter cycle time the 100 kHz have an almost perfect 1:1 duty cycle. Should run on any AVR that has an complete port A available since that one is used for the output. The smaller AVR chips feature only a complete port ďDĒ. For that reason you find a version of AVR-PPSDIV here that makes use of pord D.


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