‹ber die Stabilitšt von Oszillatoren und Frequenznormalen

DOWNLOAD this Article that I wrote for the German AMSAT JOURNAL as PDF

DF6JB’s Plotter 2010-03-08

Plotter is a utility to graphically display and edit numerical data. Above of that it compute self- and cross correlations of data series and statistical measures like the Allan Deviation and more. Now includes an All-Tau option for stability statistics

ATMELISP 2011-03-10

ATMELISP is a utility for in service programming of a number of ATMEL microcontrollers using a serial port.

EZGPIB 2012-12-17

EZGPIB is a tool for easy GPIB, TCP or serial based data acquisition in conjunction with a Prologix GPIB to USB interface. Now works for DLL based plugin cards & USB controllers too. Even newer: Works with the latest Prologix LAN GPIB interface. Here you find a EZGPIB ProfiLab Demo

Z38XX 2013-04-23

Z38XX is a tool to talk to a Z3801/5/15/16, the JACKSON LABS devices and the GCRU-D If you own one of these, give it a try.

AVR PPSDIV 2008-09-06

Tom Van Baak has done it for the PIC world of microcontrollers: A single chip frequency divider called PPSDIV that will generate a low jitter set of output frequencies at 100 kHz, 10 kHz, 1 kHz, 100 Hz, 10 Hz, 1 Hz, 0.1 Hz and 0.01 Hz from a single 10 MHz reference input. Now I have translated Tom’s original code into the AVR world of microcontrollers and you can download a complete AVR Studio project AVR-PPSDIV that will enable an AVR Mega microcontroller to perform the same. Due to the shorter cycle time the 100 kHz have an almost perfect 1:1 duty cycle. Should run on any AVR that has an complete port A available since that one is used for the output. The smaller AVR chips feature only a complete port “D”. For that reason you find a version of AVR-PPSDIV here that makes use of pord D.

01/May/2021: my apologies for the awfully formatted paragraph. Unfortunally Ulrich used a HTML authoring tool unknown to me and I am not able to just add a similar table block without destroying the whole page formatting.

So, here are the new download links. Many thanks to Richard Radl for providing the package.

This is an EZGPIB file provided by Roman Budek for a HP3478A connected via a Keysight H2357B GPIB controller. Roman states that BenchVue does not support the older instrument. The Keysight IO panel allows triggering device but not datalogging it. EZGPIB is able to fetch data and to control the instrument.


M12Performance Racal-Dana-Switch YIG Data

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