About me

My name is Ulrich Bangert. I was born on April the 14th 1955 in Wuppertal.

I attended the Gymnasium Sedanstraße in order to receive my university-entrance diploma in 1974.

After that I studied physics and philosophy at the Ruhr-Universität-Bochum with the aim to become a school master for these two topics.

I made my scientific exam at the Lehrstuhl für Fachdidaktik der Physik leaded by Prof. Manfred Borman after which I became his “Wissenschaftlicher Mitarbeiter” (scientific assistant) for the next four years. 

While still working at university I got in contact to Breitfuss Messtechnik GmbH and changed my mind concerning the plan to become a teacher. I entered Breitfuss Messtechnik in the beginning of 1987 and today I look back on an experience of 21 years as the head of R&D at Breitfuss Messtechnik.

At the beginning of 2008 I started a business of my own (the ENVIMETER GmbH) together with two former colleagues of mine. This turned out to be a bad idea and since March 2009 I run a business for hardware and software development completely on my own.

Over the years I have written some things and some things have been written over me. My earliest publication was an article in Der Physikunterricht in which an APPLE II home computer was used to compare the prediction of optical diffraction at single and double slots with real world measurements. During my university time I wrote a book together with former colleague Dr. Klaus Krämer. This book was titled Der VIA-Baustein 6522. The 6522 was a versatile chip to connect external electronics to 6502 based microcomputers like the APPLE II.

Weather Satellite Report” printed an article from me about the construction of a split phase pseudo random binary sequence generator for tests of HRPT picture satellite receivers.

The German amateur radio magazine CQ-DL printed an article of mine about my EasyDSP project. The EasyDSP was a DSP based universal modem for radio amateurs and was the successor to the EasyFax project which had been reported about in several magazines, for example in BEAM, Elletronica Flash, Megahertz Magazine and Radio Kit as well as in books like Computer & Radio and Das Fax & SSTV Praxisbuch.

A second development of mine together with my fellow friend Walter Ernst, DJ1MC, a universal NiCd battery charger was also well known over Europe as articles in ElektorElektor Electronics, Radio REF and Radio Rivista show.

In 1995 the German amateur radio magazine CQ-DL had an article with the title “Warum Satelliten oben bleiben”, which may be translated into “Why satellites don’t fall down”. What has happened as a result from this article may be read here: Satellit

The latest reference to some work of mine has appeared in April 2008 issue of Test & Measurement World.


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